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Welcome to Baker College’s Tutoring Services! Our team of professional tutors and consultants are here to assist all Baker students by providing two appointment options to meet students' needs. See an explanation of the two options below. 

Click here for instructions on how to get started. 

Virtual Academic Resource Center Schedule Options

In the Virtual Academic Resource Center, consultants offer one-on-one Online Live (synchronous) and Online (asynchronous) tutoring sessions to help with your writing and learning needs. Below, the types of sessions are explained:

Online - Asynchronous Session Option: Don’t have time to meet in real-time? Just upload your document and a consultant will provide feedback. When scheduling this type of session, be sure to upload your draft on which you would like feedback. Once you upload your draft, your consultant will provide feedback within a 24-hour period. 

Online Live - Synchronous Session Option: Want to work with someone face-to-face, but not drive to a specific Baker meeting location? You will want to choose a synchronous session. This means that you will work with the consultant online (via Zoom) in real-time. You can use the audio, video, Chat function, as well as the white board to work together in real-time. For this type of appointment, click on your consultant's Zoom link (located in their bio) during the scheduled time of your session. 

For more information regarding what additional student support is available, please see the MyBaker Academic Resource Center page.


FAQs, Important Information, and Reminders 

  • How do I log in? Your WCOnline account information is not linked to your MyBaker account. To get started, be sure to register for an account. If you have password trouble, e-mail us at
  • Where can I find my feedback if I schedule an asynchronous appointment? Log into and click on the day/time of your appointment. Your feedback will be located on your appointment form.
  • Please note that the role of the consultant/tutor is to assist and support students with their assignments and projects. Consultants/tutors can help students: understand an assignment, work through a math problem, with any stage of the writing process, understand concepts, theories and applications, and much more! Consultants/tutors will not: do a student's homework, take a test or quiz for a student, or write/edit a student's paper, or provide a "guess" on a grade or the success of a piece of writing/assignment/project. Ultimately, the instructor's feedback and assignment/course grade trumps any consultant/tutor feedback. 


Graduate Students and Faculty Members

If you are a graduate student or a faculty member, you can also find consultants and professional tutors to assist you with your courses, thesis or dissertation writing, and scholarship. For writing-specific help, once you log into, choose “General writing assistance” in the drop-down menu.


Questions, Comments, or Technical Trouble? 

Contact us at, and we will respond within 24 hours.