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Welcome to Baker College's Consulting and Tutoring Services Portal!

To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left.

Once you register, be sure to choose a Schedule to make an appointment for a virtual (online) consultation session or a campus-based consultation session. The Schedules are explained below:

Virtual Academic Resource Center Schedule:

This schedule contains consultants who work in the virtual (online) Writing Center, Math Center, Tutoring Services Center, and Career Services Center. We offer one-on-one synchronous and asynchronous consulting sessions to help with your writing and learning needs. Below, the types of sessions are explained:

Asynchronous Session: This means that you will be provided feedback after you submit a paper to be reviewed. Don’t have time to meet in real-time? Just upload your document and a consultant will provide feedback. You will still be involved with the feedback as you will be provided comments in the margins of your submission as well as a more holistic comment summarizing the revisions suggestions, but you and the consultant will not have to be online at the same time and/or conversing during this session. Once you upload your draft, your consultant with provide feedback within a 24-hour period. 

Synchronous Session: This means that you and the consultant will be online at the same time in order for learning to happen. You will work with the consultant online, in real-time. You can use the audio, video, or Chat function, as well as the white board to work together in real-time. Be sure to follow the instructions for synchronous sessions.

Campus-Based Academic Resource Centers Schedules:

You will notice that each campus has a schedule listed. To meet with a consultant at one of these campus-based locations, click on the corresponding campus name to make an appointment.